What is media buying?

Welcome to MeyerWerbung.ch!

Meyer Werbung (www.meyerwerbung.ch) is a soon-to-be-launched business that will provide media buying services within the gambling sector.

Combining the professional experience of several advertising managers together with the know-how of gambling and casino experts, our aim is to offer a range of services across the media buying spectrum.

Right now, we are getting ready to launch, so please stay tuned to this site (you can bookmark us for safekeeping) for ongoing updates about our business, scope of services and fees. In the meantime, please feel free to browse through this site to learn a little bit more about us, media buying, and how it can be successfully implemented within the gambling and online casino sector.

For an overview of Meyer Werbung’s soon-to-be-available services, please scroll down this page to discover more in our ‘Services’ section. You can find more information about Meyer Werbung on our ‘About Us’ page, or get in contact with us via the above tab.

What is ‘media buying’?

Put in layman’s terms, ‘media buying’ is simply the procurement of media space, which is then normally used by a company or third-party marketing agency to advertise a particular product, service. Traditionally, such advertising space would be in the form of a newspaper page or section, but nowadays, the types of media space available are much more diverse. This includes everything from TV ads to billboards and flyers, although the vast majority of media space available today is found online.

Again, online forms can be broken down into different categories and subcategories, with some of the most common types being website page banners and takeovers (or ‘pop-ups’), paid social media features, video ads and pay-per-click features on search engines such as Google.

Media Buying in the Online Gambling Sector

The online gambling sector – both in the UK (which is where we’re based) and around the world – presents a huge potential for the purchase of media space, which can then be exploited by companies for specific advertising and marketing end-goals.

Online gambling today comes in many forms. From free-to-play websites where users can instantly play video slot games without having to sign up, to modest one-game apps (such as poker or blackjack) and internationally-branded software programs that run entire virtual roulette casinos with hundreds of thousands of players, the opportunities are endless.

As a result, users are spending more and more time engaged in online gambling activities, particularly now that gambling apps can be used on-the-go (previously, real money games were blocked by the likes of Apple and Google).

With millions of active users online every day in the UK alone, the opportunities for casinos to market their platforms and take advantage of this multi-billion pound industry are bigger than ever before.

Online media buying: typical services within the gambling sector

Meyer Werbung is, first and foremost, an online media buyer working within the gambling sector – but our scope of services isn’t just limited to the procurement of space.

Our all-encompassing package of services can be categorized into three main areas which are implemented in a phase-by-phase manner in order to benefit our client’s business and marketing objectives and reach fulfill Key Performance Indicators.

Services that will soon be offered on www.meyerwerbung.ch include:

Researching the Market

Rather than diving straight in and buying up any media space that may potentially be of worth for your business, we do our homework first in order to optimize the effectiveness of future adverts and marketing strategies. Our team of experts judge each media inventory that is up for sale on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration how many people are going to view it, what kind of people are going to view it and how well it’s placed for maximum effectiveness.

Buying the Media Space

This basically relates to the transaction part of proceedings – or the ‘deal’. With our team of industry experts, media connections and prior research, it’s our mission provide affordable options at great value for money compared to current market prices. We also take care of all media purchasing agreements and negotiate those all-important terms and conditions to favour you.

Management and Monitoring of the Space

After media space has been bought, we make sure to monitor and track the performance of any feature advertising, as well as track the real-time price of the space in the case that it will be re-sold in the short or long-term future.

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