Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of Meyer Werbung

This page contains information about the privacy policy of (the “Website”) how we may collect the data of users to this website (the “Users”) and how such data is managed by the administrators of this site whose actions are governed by Meyer Werbung (the “Company”).

The User acknowledges that intellectual property in the form of personal and non-personal data collected by this Website is owned and shall be responsibly managed by the Company. The Company shall not in any way sell or share the data of the User to any other website, company or third party whatsoever. However, the Company is entitled to use such data of the User for its own purposes, such sending emails containing new information, offers, promotions or updates to our business to Users, as well as use in website analytic programs such as Google Analytics for business performance purposes.

Collection of data

The Website may at any time collect personal and/or non-personal data of its Users by either automatic or manual means. For example, such non-personal data may be gathered by this Website in the form of cookies which can be translated in order to ascertain a picture of each User’s website behaviour such as time spent on each page, source of entry etc. Other personal data may be gathered by the website via the User him or herself manually by filling in forms on this website, such as email address, names and IP locations via our Contact Page.