What is Media Buying?

This page of Meyer Werbung offers a brief explanation about ‘media buying’ and how it can be used to benefit different types of businesses, specifically, those involved in the gambling and online casino sector.

As a media buying company, we buy media space. But what does that actually mean?

Well, media space comes in a vast variety of different forms. For example, a 30-second advertisement on television could be defined as media space, just like a page in a glossy magazine or billboard over Piccadilly Circus.

However, as a media buyer working in the online casino and gambling sector, inevitably most of the media space we focus on buying is online. This can mean anything from automatically generated ads via Google to videos on YouTube to banners, pop-ups and more discrete pay-per-click links to third-party websites. The types of platforms hosting media space are more varied than ever, too – with emerging opportunities to buy media exclusive to desktop websites, smartphone browsers, downloadable casino apps and software programs and a range of different social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Our aim when buying this media is to secure advertising space for your business across the best possible platforms and websites that will enhance exposure for your brand, as well as bring in traffic and convert visitors into paying customers. We do so with price in mind, setting realistic KPIs in terms of return on investment.

Meyer Werbung’s team of media buying professionals, as well as our gambling sector experts, are ready to help your business purchase valuable media space to be used for further advertising, implementing marketing strategies or sold on in the future as an investment opportunity.

Please feel free to contact us via our contact page once we have launched the full www.meyerwernbung.ch site for more information and details about our full range of services.